A Weather Station Is Only Useful If It Is Well-Maintained

Kite Feedlot Team

September 17, 2023

Tips for the Summer

If you have a weather station, it’s time to check that it is working properly, clean and sending us data. We highly recommend getting your station serviced at least once a year. A weather station that is not maintained can be misleading. The HLI is very sensitive at low wind speeds.

Problem: Too many calm winds
When a weather station hasn’t been serviced, the bearings in the wind anemometer can cause the wind speed to stall (or stop turning). This shows up as calm winds rather than a wind of say, 1 m/s. A change in wind speed from 1 m/s to calm will result in a change in the HLI of 6-8 units!

If you want to learn more about weather stations, see our tutorial here.

We are also happy to talk to you about choosing the right weather station or adding one to your Kite account. There are definitely benefits to having a weather station:

  • Better knowledge to help you manage your weather risks
  • Some states require a weather station to manage odour/air quality obligations
  • More accurate forecast of your heat load risk
  • Backup system in the event of an emergency (loss of power/internet)



Set yourself up for success by being prepared!


The image of the Weather Station was kindly supplied by Environdata.


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Notifications – Daily Reports & Alerts

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