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Kite Feedlot Team

October 25, 2023

Tips for the Summer

When you send your animals to an abattoir that is not close to your feedlot you need to know what the head load is doing where they are going. You don’t want to send them into a potentially risky situation.

Kite has a feature to allow you to add any NFAS-accredited abattoir to your account so you can see what the heat load forecast looks like at the abattoir. You do this by going to the Settings/Sites page and selecting “Add Abattoir”. You can then add as many sites as you’d like.

The new sites you add will then be available in the Cattle Heat Risk Dashboard to allow you to view the heat load forecast for the abattoirs. Besides that, all users for the feedlot are able to see the sites added by the Admin users.

So before you send off the next truck load of animals to the processing plant make sure you check if the conditions are hotter than your site.

See the help file for managing your sites here.

For more tips on trucking animals, head to our Knowledge Sharing section and check some very useful advice from the Stanbroke Feedlot.

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