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Kite Feedlot Team

October 25, 2023

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Are your notifications (reports & alerts) set up?

Kite has some features to allow you to keep informed without having to log onto the platform everyday. If you have a Premium or Standard subscription you will have access to these features.

The Toolbox report and AHLU forecast alert will keep you informed of the risk outlook for the week ahead. While the alerts linked to your weather station will let you know (via sms) if a situation is unfolding now!

These alerts need to be activated so that you automatically receive them. This can be done by logging onto the Kite platform and going to the Settings/Alerts page.

New Feature – Setting up alerts for other users!

There are some users who just don’t want the hassle of ever logging into the Kite platform. Who needs another user name and password to manage?!! However, they still want to be kept informed of any unfolding risks.

To help with the administration of user alerts we have added a new feature to allow the site Administrator to manage their alerts for them. Thanks, Kite Development Team!

See the help for how to Manage alerts here and how to manage someone else’s notifications (reports and alerts) here.

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