Assessing the heat risk at your Processing Plant

Kite Feedlot Team

February 13, 2024

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Managing heat risks at processing plants is paramount for the smooth operation of the feedlot cattle supply chain, maintaining a high standard of animal welfare and maximising profits.

When planning the trucking of animals, feedlot operators can refer* to the processing plants heat forecast using Kite Feedlot. This way, you can prepare your staff to schedule the best time to move the animals and minimise the impacts of heat.  Generally, animals are processed on the same day as they arrive. Therefore, reviewing the AHLU for the processing plant should only consider the same period.

To make it easier for the feedlot operators to understand the heat risk at a processor, we have introduced a new feature to start the AHLU calculation every weekday morning at 6 am.  This means that no heat load is carried over from the previous day because the newly arriving animals were not there but still at the feedlot or on a truck.  The AHLU is not reset on the weekend, as sometimes animals can be housed in lairage over the weekend.

Now decisions are easier with more relevant information on managing the heat risk!

Other factors you may wish to consider when making a decision include:

  • Acclimatisation – If your animals are being transported from a cooler climatic region you should consider them “unacclimatised” and therefore lower the HLI threshold by 8 (i.e look at AHLU80 if you normally look at AHLU89)
  • Shade – If your animals are leaving a shaded pen at the feedlot for an unshaded lairage, consider lowering the HLI threshold by 3 to 7 depending on how much shade you have at the feedlot.
  • Fit to load – Animals need to be “Fit to load” and therefore not show signs of heat stress.
  • Short lairage – Reducing the time animals are in lairage has many benefits, as identified in the recent MLA study.

* Adding the forecast for processing plants is available for Standard and Premium subscribers.

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The Kite Feedlot Mobile App is here!

The team at Katestone is very happy to announce that we reached another milestone today: the release of the Kite Feedlot Mobile App! Find out how you can access it.

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