Beginning of the Season and Pre-Event Hot Tips

Kite Feedlot Team

January 18, 2024

Tips for Summer


Useful Tips for the Beginning of the Season


  1. Make summer a breeze with Kite
  2. Stay on top of what you are looking at!
    • What do the AHLUs mean and which category should you be looking at? The AHLUs are a measure of heat risk in your cattle and correspond to panting scores (see an explanation here).
    • How to make sense of the recovery period?
  3. Make your life easier by setting the Monitored Risk Level. We have developed the concept of the “Monitored risk level” to help identify the AHLU category that is important for you. If you haven’t set it already now is the time (see instructions here).


Ahead of an Event


  1. Log on to Kite and make sure to set up your alerts.
  2. For feedlots with more than one user, have a chat with your team about their alerts and their roles. The feedlot admin is also able to set up alerts for other users.
  3. Have your user/s download the Kite Feedlot Mobile App.
  4. Have a look at your Daily Toolbox Report* for the next seven days and review the AHLU categories that may affect your animals, especially the most vulnerable ones. If a high is forecast over the coming week you should follow your heat management plan and consider implementing a heat ration.
  5. Discuss the situation with your VET/nutritionist** in order to make the best decision concerning the right feeding strategy ahead of a major weather event.
  6. Gather your team and discuss the next steps ahead of an event.
  7. Monitor your HLI and AHLU from your weather station.
  8. Finally, always consider what your animals are telling you.

*Standard and Premium subscription users are able to receive a daily Toolbox Report in the email inbox.
** Standard and Premium subscription users are able to add their Vets/Nutritionists to their Kite Feedlot forecast.

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