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September 14, 2023

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14 September 2023

Get ready for summer with improved heat load tool


Australian feedlots now have access to a modernised, expanded heat load tool, based on the highly respected Cattle Heat Load Toolbox, or Katestone as it is often referred to.

Kite Feedlot is an online weather risk management system built on Katestone’s long-standing methodology which delivers the most up-to-date weather forecasts to assess the potential risk of a heat event in Australian feedlots.

Katestone Managing Director, Christine Killip, said Kite Feedlot offered a new platform to help feedlots proactively manage heat by being prepared in advance to minimise any potential impact.

“Kite Feedlot offers a simple and effective way for feedlot managers to achieve NFAS compliance with Element LM6 Excessive Heat Load, maximise productivity and maintain animal welfare,” she said. “Combined, these things protect their investment and retain their social licence to operate.”

The new features include a daily toolbox report, with the critical information needed to understand the daily risk of a heat event, delivered via email. It also includes a Heat Risk Assessment Process (RAP)* with updated risk factors and a comprehensive 29-year HLI Climatology for every feedlot location.

All the old features the feedlots know and love are also still available in a smart new website and a Mobile App on the way. 

“Kite feedlot builds on 20 years’ experience in weather forecasting for Australian feedlots. We’ve added some great new features that make the job easier.”

Kite Feedlot is delivered on a subscription-basis, paid annually. Users can start with a 2-week free trial then choose from three subscription options: Premium, Standard and Lite starting for as a little as $2 per day**.

An early bird discount of 20% is available to subscriptions paid before 31 October 2023 (use promo code KITE20PERCENT).

For more information on Kite Feedlot, visit

*The RAP feature is only available for paid subscribers.
** Lite users subscription cost per year including GST after the 20% discount is applied.

Image: Christine Killip at a Feedlot
Caption: Christine Killip, Managing Director at Katestone and Weather Intelligence CEO
Media Contact: Plistina Almeida, Business Development at Katestone and Weather Intelligence, 07 3369 3699,

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