The BOM has issued a heatwave warning but I have not received any Kite alerts! Why not?

Kite Feedlot Team

November 27, 2023

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The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) defines a heatwave as “when the maximum and minimum temperatures are unusually hot over 3 days. This is compared to the local climate and past weather”.

Important things to note:

  • The BOM heatwave warnings are based on temperature alone
  • A heat wave spans across 3 days
  • A heat wave is NOT a measure of heat stress (or heat load)
  • The HLI is based on temperature but also incorporates relative humidity, wind speed and radiation (as these are all important to understanding heat stress) into its calculation
  • Heat load is a measure of how high the HLI is above the threshold at which your animals will start to accumulate heat (the accumulated heat load units, AHLU).

Kite forecast AHLU warnings are based on heat load and your monitored risk level. They are sent if the Accumulated Heat Load Units (AHLU) exceed 50 units for any day in the next seven days.


BOM issued a heat wave warning for WA on Monday 20 November 2023. The warning period is from Tuesday to Thursday.

Although the temperature is predicted to exceed 40 degrees over 3 days and the nighttime temperatures are high. The humidity is very low (less than 10% during the peak heat of the day) and it’s windy. No alerts* were issued by Kite for the day because the Monitored Risk Level (AHLU80) is not predicted to exceed 50 units and is zero for at least 6 hours.

* SMS alerts are available for Standard and Premium subscriptions.

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