The Kite Feedlot Mobile App is here!

Kite Feedlot Team

January 18, 2024


The team at Katestone is very happy to announce that we reached another milestone today: the release of the Kite Feedlot Mobile App!

The app will provide you with on-the-go visibility of key information to help you manage your risk outlook. It’s exclusive to Kite Feedlot subscribers and their vets and nutritionists.

Now, on top of easily keeping you and your team informed by the daily toolbox reports*, and SMS alerts*, you and ALL the users registered for your feedlot have visibility of the key risk outlooks and live data from your weather station while in the field.

Developing and releasing the App has been our goal and a request from the Cattle Heat Load Toolbox (Katestone) users for a number of years, but was not possible on the old platform.

The app does not replace the Kite Feedlot Web Platform. It’s intended to be simple but to provide you with critical information to allow you to understand your risks while out of the office. Therefore, it’s recommended that this app is used in conjunction with the Kite Feedlot Web Platform on your laptop and desktop for digging into the detailed hourly forecast, calculating the RAP, managing users and alerts, and accessing the Help Centre.

The app can be downloaded from one of the app stores (Google and Apple) depending on the mobile phone make that you have. Find the how-to below:

Google – Android
Apple – iPhones (iOS)

We have many more features under development that will keep making Kite the best solution to help you manage weather-related risks at your feedlot. Once more, our team is keen to hear from you, so if you have any suggestions or requests for future features please get in touch.

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