Wet pen warning

Kite Feedlot Team

November 27, 2023

Tips for the Summer

With the peak storm period on us, it is good to reassess the issues with wet pens.

Humidity in the pens can be significantly higher than outside the pens, so your weather station may not indicate the true heat load exposure of your animals, nor will the forecast.

We have been told many times by feedlot managers that “Humidity kills cattle”, so it’s important to understand how to manage this situation!

Some sites use 15 mm of rain as a trigger to drop the HLI threshold to account for the difference in humidity in the pens and their weather station (or forecast). Therefore if you normally assess your risk by looking at the AHLU86 you may want to assess AHLU83 or even AHLU80 depending on how wet your pens are (and how much manure they are carrying).

You can assess what AHLU you should be looking at by either looking at a wet pen scenario when doing your risk assessment (see image below) or by using the HLI threshold calculator (click on the blue HLI button in the top right-hand corner of the Cattel Heat Risk Dashboard). The wet pen situation will reduce your HLI threshold by 8 units.

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